The 4 day happy workplace leadership programme

A happy workplace leads to greater productivity and tangible business results. This programme is about placing people at the heart of what your managers do.
What You Will Learn
Based upon our own practical experience at Happy, and learning from some of the world’s great workplaces (like Google and WL Gore) this programme will enable you to become a leader that people would choose to be led by. It will give you the personal insight and practical leadership and management skills to create a high performing team.

Key outcomes

  • Credible leaders and managers that inspire trust

  • An agile and responsive organisation working within clear values and principles

  • Greater trust and autonomy for your people

  • High performing teams working to their strengths and to a common goal

  • A more engaged and motivated team

  • High levels of accountability within the team, enabling them to deliver high quality on time

  • Greater innovation and greater productivity

The happy workplace leadership programme


Of workers are disengaged in the workplace

What will you expect to learn from the course?

Course Prices

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995 + VAT4 days
  • The Happy workplace leadership programme


1495 + VATFor 4 days
  • The Happy workplace leadership programme

“Really well designed and delivered course. Management training/leadership for grown ups at grown up organisation”

Remi Gherbo, General Dental Council

“The Happy workplace programme demonstrates how the method for attaining a happy and high achieving workplace is within the grasp of any organisation-provided managers are prepared to be inventive and let go of past certainties”

Brendan O'Keefe, Epic Ltd

“These ideas have energised me and my business to make changes that have increased our bottom line and made people more successful and fulfilled at work”

Simon Perriton, Just-IT